Create – Freelancer Project Manager with Authenticator

Create freelancer manager is a complete project management solution for developers, freelancers and software companies, it offers powerful tools for project development, tracking each developer work time for each project, generating invoices for online payment, complete social network with chat and news feed for developers, and powerful financial section for income and expenses..

Script Guide: 

Admin account: 
Username: : admin
Password: admin

Client account: 
Username: : client
Password: client

Developer account: 
Username: : developer
Password: developer

Let’s see what ‘Create’ offers you for your next project ..

1) Manage Your Projects : – Good planning through Milestones, Tasks and Assignments
– Calculation of each developer actual working time on every project
– Powerful File Manager section for sharing project files among team
– Detailed Timeline describing everything happened on current project
– Powerful invoices section for generating invoices for completed milestones and sending them to clients, your clients can pay their invoices online via (Paypal / Stripe)

2) Protect Your Code via Licenses : – Create has genuine Licensing System for your projects that gives you the ability to issue licenses that work on specific domains, set expiration time for each of them and also make cached licenses on servers that refresh after specified period of time, licenses work by cURL callbacks to your server

3) Complete Social Network for Developers : – Create offers a complete social network for your team, with a News Feed giving you latest posts from developers you follow, ability to post topics, photos, files, like and share them
– You’ve also a very neat chat script for better connection between developers
– Also, there’s an integrated Mailbox for each developer for better communicating while offline

4) Manage Your Clients : – You can add all your clients’ data to the system and track their payments, contact and send them notifications about their products when needed
– Clients also can have their own access to the application, they can send support tickets, view the progress of their projects and pay their invoices via PayPal or Stripe

5) Control your budget : – Create offers you a very simple script to manage your income & expenses, classify them into categories and get detailed reports about payments to ensure full control over your budget

6) Powerful Privileges System : – You can tailor the script to suit your needs, create different privileges for each group of employees, like a group for accountants with specific privileges, another group for team leaders with extended permissions, and so on

7) Developed just right : – Our system contains advanced features such as automated installer and updater script, AJAX Navigation, infinite scrolling and dynamic AJAX forms. – Build on Bootstrap 3.3 with valid CSS and pure PHP code written from scratch.

Hope you like my new project and so excited to hear your opinion!

Michael Z. Johny

Senior Web Developer & System Administrator

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