Thanks for purchasing iChat Live Support script, here I will explain the basic functionality of the script
If you have any questions please contact me at



To install iChat script, please upload all your script files to a compatible web server (Apache is better) then run the installer script and follow the installation wizard:



This is what the application dashboard looks like:

Here you can find quick statistics about your app

Make your first chat!

To show the (Live Chat) button, simply include this script before the closing body tag:
<div id="chat-btn">Loading iChat...</div>
<script src="ichat/chat.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
You can make your own chat button, just point any link to the (ichat/chat.php) file.

Once a new customer makes a new chat request, all agents of the specified department gets a Sound Notification to accept this new request..

Please note that admins will get notifications for all departments
Once an agent accepts the notification, the live chat will start


Transfer Chat to Another Agent

If an agent wants to transfer the conversation to an agent from another department, simply click the (Transfer) button

Choose a department, and a list containing the Currently Online agents will appear, the app will tell you wheather this is a regular agent or an admin ..

after transferring the conversation, a message will appear to the customer telling him the new agent that will help him through his problem

and a notification will be sent to the new agent to join the conversation..


View Offline Requests

if all our agents are offline, request will be saved on our (offline requests) section


Manage Departments

Here you can specify support departments for your agents

To add new department click on (+ add new department) button

Check the (Visible to public visitors) option to make this department public, you can make secret departments that won't be visible to the public clients but your agents will be able to see and transfer chats to it (like a higher support level) ..

Manage Agents

This section is visible for admins only, here you can view your agents, see how many conversations they've made and their ratings

Click on any agent to view his profile

To create a new agent, click on the (+ Add New Agent) button

You can specify the privileges of the new user (Admin / Agent) and his support department