Pearls! Quora-like questions and answers platform


Pearls! Quora-like questions and answers platform

Pearls is a simple, yet powerful Questions/Answers platform

Build on bootstrap 3.3, using pure PHP,Jquery,Ajax and has many cool features, You can use this script to give your visitors a community for posting questions and answer them in quora like fashion ;)

Demo admin account:

Email: admin@questions.fyi
Password: admin

Features include:

  • Installer script available! get your script up and running in your current site in a matter of seconds without editing files or databases.
  • RTL Supported ! comes with Arabic and English versions
  • Translatable! you can add your own language in a matter of minutes, just translate the language file and your language will be added automatically to the language menu ;)
  • Simple lightweight script written from scratch without using any readymade php scripts.
  • Social Ready! you can login using your facebook or google accounts.
  • Bad words filter, already preloaded with dozens of profanity words.
  • Reporting system, for reporting questions and answers against TOS
  • Likes/Dislikes engine for upvoting questions and make them more popular on the platform.
  • Follow users topics, feeds and questions and get notified when someone post new questions or answers.
  • Powerful admin section giving you ability to moderate users, upgrade them to become senior publishers, reviewers, or even admins.
  • Leaderboards and points award system
  • Supports Emojis ;) for better conversations
  • Full featured privileges system you program your own script, just make a new privilege (group) and assign users to it, you can make unlimited rules, for moderating, approving questions and answers.
  • Ability to approve questions/answers before becoming public.
  • Script coded right! valid CSS,SEO-optimized links and responsive with every small detail taken care of to ensure good looking site on any screen size.
  • Script is well documented, and I’m here for support anytime you needed me =)


Whats new in 1.4 ?

1-RTL Support - Added built-in Arabic language support
2-App became translatable! add your language file and it will be parsed automatically
3-Add reporting system for reporting bad questions and answers
4-Many Bugfixes =)

Whats new in 1.3 ?

1-Add Social Login with (Facebook & Google)
2-Add Leaderboard and points system for users
3-Add Emoji support
4-Add Analytics on admin dashboard
5-Many Bugfixes =)

Whats new in 1.2 ?

1-Add Profanity Filter
2-Add Page (about us, contact us, privacy policy)
3-Made (Notifications) come to life! it now counts without refreshing the page
4-Ability to post questions anonymously
5-Many Bugfixes =)

Michael Z. Johny

Senior Web Developer & System Administrator

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